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(Because they took too much space on Gaia ^_^;)
My Guild. Join By PMing Me, or Post!
A Gaian Version of Dante. Enjoy.
Do You Know Where This Guild Is?
The Squaresoft Guild. Always Squaresoft.
The Gaian Special Forces. To Protect and Serve all Gaians.
The Hellsing Guild. Amen...
The Samurai Guild. This Guild Has Been Disbanded...
Yes, I give to the less fortunate, probably not you though.
The Japan Guild. Domou-Arigatou, Hito-sama...
Me. Version 2
Wander Inn... My Home Base. Sorta.
Me. Version 1. (Boy-Type)
Me. Version 1. (Girl-Type)
= 6
Enchanted trunks!
Special Gift Boxes!
= 14
Yep folks, I was taking too much space on Gaia, so I was nice enough to move it to my own web server. Now no one can complain about a sig lasting a mile long... I'll add some personal stuff that I made later, and of course, make and accept more banners. I Thank those who waited long enough for this page to load...
= 6
Hawaia Strip Club. A good Place With colorful People.
My Current Inventory (03/04/04)
Pink Links!
Hellsing RP. Awesome...
Myself Holding My Trumpet.
Hawaia Live Band. Come and Listen in the Practice Room perhaps?
The Gaian Medical Center. Don't Worry. I'm a Doctor.
School of Dedicated Roleplayers. No Da.

Guilds I am Part of
that are not Shown:

Guild of Various Less-Than-Scrupulous People
The Forest Ninja's Realm
Freaks & Fangs (Blood & Smoke OOC Board)
PeaceKeepers Guild
Anti-Weapons Guild

The Leviathan Stadium. Fight for Honor and Glory.
The Homestar Runner Guild. Everybody! Everybody!
Gaian Speak Easy Club. Sit Back and Relax...
Me. Version 3. Ninja Style
The Shoujo Guild.  Yes, shoujo anime and manga are "shoujotastic..."
The Naruto Guild.  Excuse me while I perfect Doppleganger.
Me. Version 4, Ready for a Romantic Night out. She is a great Krnshin Artist... No, really, I'm not kidding...
My Friend... This Domokun is only half the size of my normal ones!
How to Become a Moderator!
Me. Version HALLOX. Holloween and Christmas Costumes!
Robynie's Store of stuff. She does avasrt to!
The person who Did this: Please PM me your name So I can give credit!
it was Rayinte's Idea, and it's funny.
Shariea's  Moving Avatars
it was Rayinte's Idea, and it's funny.
Me. Version 5, Cowboy style.
My petition. pleas sign!
Me. Version 6, I'm a Gaian Groupie! Stay back now...
A helpful Faq...